Monday, February 22, 2010

All uphill...

Do you ever feel like parenting is an uphill battle? Imagine yourself at the bottom of the hill with you're sword panting and groaning trying to fight the enemy knowing you have half the energy that they do. You're down there getting hit with rocks that are being thrown from the top by miniature warriors that are laughing the whole time. It's not even like you're enemy (in this case your children) really hate you or anything, they are just fighting you for the simple fact that they find great joy in resisting authority.

As I write this I'm thinking about my beautiful daughter... She is my first born. I know this little warrior has a heart for the Lord. She loves to do what is right for Jesus, BUT with Mom it is a different story. I can see her little face with twinkle in her eye and mischief in her mind when she's looking up at me as I reprimand her about something. Oh, she's trying so hard not to smile, but it's not working. As I talk I see her mind working and her thoughts saying "Mission Control, I think we're wearing her down. Continue with the attack." She is almost more gorgeous when she is driving me crazy than when she is obeying all my commands?!?!? What is that? Then there are the two little boys, I don't even really know what to say about these too. I know I am lost when I look at them!!!

I think thoughts like "Will they EVER get this?" or "This is too hard, it would just be easier to let them do what they want."

Then I read verses like "Train up a child in the WAY, they should go and WHEN THEY ARE OLD THEY WILL NOT DEPART FROM IT." Ok, as a parent that can bring encouragement or great discouragement depending which part you focus on... I just want the they will not depart from it part and I want it right now. AND, then I think of the daunting task of training them up in righteousness and how many lessons that is going to take. I mean look how big the bible is. There are lessons on obedience, truthfulness, kindness, love, patience, self control... need I go on?! It will take a life time to teach all this stuff!!! And, if they resist you at every turn even longer. And, then there is the constant reminding of the things you already went over!!! Yeah I think uphill battle would summarize what I see before me...

BUT, then the Holy Spirit in HIS wonderful faithfulness and loving way reminds me that He has to do the same thing with me. He reminds me that being conformed to His will is going to take a lifetime, but He will never get too weary to correct me. He encourages me that He knew from the beginning that it was going to take a lifetime to perfect me and that I wouldn't be ALL that He desired for me to be until I get to Heaven, and that HE is okay with that. He is going to do the job anyway diligently and faithfully and patiently. He knows that I really don't want to do things His way, but He is so proud of me when I choose His way anyway. He reminds me that I am selfish and disobedient alot of times and even though He may have shown me something 1000 times I still forget. He tells me no matter what behavior I display He will never forsake me or give up on me. Because love ALWAYS HOPES, ALWAYS ENDURES...LOVE NEVER FAILS. That's really the issue. Do we love our children with the LOVE that God loves us? DO WE??? I ask myself again Do I love my own children like God loves me? Is my Heavenly Father my Model???


  1. Proverbs 22:15 - "Foolishness is bound up in the heart of a child; the rod of correction will drive it far from him."

    ^ I don't have kids, but I have two little brothers, have worked with many young children, and have been a kid myself... and I KNOW that God is right on point with that proverb. When you see the kiddies 'acting out', well, just strike it up to another example of God's word being true. It probably won't be the way you'd like God's word to be fulfilled or acted out but.. ;)

    I might not be able to empathize at this point in time, but let me offer some encouragement!

    Keep at it! Partner with your husband and God and together the three of you will be an unstoppable team. God will not ignore the prayers of parents whose desire is to see their children grow in the knowledge and grace of God.

    I never once thanked my parents for their instruction and the 'rod of correction' while I was growing up, and I still tend to resent it now even though I'm a 20 year old 'adult' (yikes!), but in my heart of hearts, I knew that they did it out of love.

    I used to try to get my parents to contradict each other or to fight each other so that I could get my way. Here is where it is so important to have God. He will unify you and your husband and give you all the wisdom you need as you navigate these waters.

    Your children might squirm at your correction, ignore it, resent it, and do everything in their power to work against it... but just keep at it! You probably won't get a "Wow, Mom! Thank you for your words of wisdom!" immediately, but rest assured that your kids will be able to see your heart and appreciate... even if they don't admit it.

  2. Thank you both for the encouragement... Iona once again you hit the nail on the head. That is definately a verse that God has been reminding me of continually in the last few weeks. It is obvious that children are born with a sin nature and although "salvation is of the Lord" it is our job to prepare their hearts to recieve them. You have a lot of wisdom for one so young and I know that one day God is going to use that when you are a parent to raise up mighty warriors for His Name!!! Love ya Girl...

  3. I just popped by your blog and it sounds like you need a hug! *hugs*
    You'll get through it. From your post it sounds like you have the right attitude, let Jesus do the rest. Those little darlings just know how to push buttons, but Jesus controls the switch!
    This was a great post- we really are the same way with God. I never thought about that till now. Imagine having HIS patience? Wow. I hope you have an amazing day!
    The Girl in the Pink Dress

  4. Hey thanks so much for the hugs and the encouragement. I really don't mean to make it sound so dismal I really wrote this kind of tongue in cheek. Although it can be crazy at times being a Mom and Wife is the most amazing craziness I've ever experienced. I wouldn't want to be ANYWHERE else for sure. I will definately coming by your place to check it out... Thank you so much for sharing!!!


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