Monday, July 27, 2009

What I can do for You...

Is never really what I want to do for You (I mean me).

I don't have a lot of time... I have 3 small children and I'm trying to be a "helpmate" to my Honey... I often lament over not having the time to do anything "special" for the Lord. One day as I was mulling over the list of things I can't do for the Lord like:

I can't go downtown and feed the homeless. I can't write a book telling all my wisdom (tongue in cheek). I can't start (lead) a bible study. I can't go over seas and do missions. AND on and on this list could go.

The Lord spoke to my heart and said there are MANY things I CAN do FOR HIM that I overlook daily.

I have a niece who is a single mom with an 8mo. old that needs someone to watch Him for little to nothing. WWJD? I could make a few meals for the lady down the street who just had knee surgery. WWJD? I have a friend going through a divorce leaving no extra money who needs someone to watch her children when she goes to the Dr. WWJD? I KNOW this list could go forever because there are countless ways to show the Love of Christ, but the point is these are things that I don't want to do. They are things that take sacrifice and have little earthly reward. So, again I see the true state of my heart. Which is "deceitfully wicked above all things."

What the Lord wants us to do everyday is look for the people that need help (REAL HELP) and do something for them to show that He loves them and cares for them. Then we will be doing something "special" for Jesus.

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