Monday, January 18, 2016

Jesus in You.

Oh, Momma
Don't be so hard,
Your words cut deep,
They'll leave a scar.

Oh, Momma
When you look at me,
Remember in your eyes
I see what I can be.

Oh Momma,
Life has you down,
Your beautiful face,
Now wears a frown.

Oh, Momma,
I know you got so little sleep,
You're eyes are tired,
Oh, please don't weep.

Oh, Momma,
Thank you for holding me,
Late last night,
When no one could see.

Oh, Momma,
My tummy was aching,
My teeth were hurting,
They kept me waking.

Oh, Momma,
I needed you,
You came for me,
Like you always do.

Oh, Momma,
In your arms I find my rest,
Safe beside you,
Is where I feel best.

Oh, Momma,
You show me things I need to see
About the Father
Of Eternity.

Oh, Momma,
He is so gentle, He is so kind,
Like you Momma,
As He designed.

Oh, Momma,
You have so much to do,
His grace is sufficient,
His love will see you through.

Oh, Momma,
Don't try to do it all,
There is too much and,
Your strength is too small.

Oh, Momma,
Call out to Jesus,
Like I called out to you,
You say He sees us.

Oh, Momma,
He chose you for me
Let go of your fears,
Trust in Him to set you free.

Oh, Momma,
If only you knew
The picture of Jesus,
We see in You.

Oh, Momma,
Jesus knows just what to do,
To show His unconditional love,
By His mercy and grace we will get through.

Oh, Momma,
I was sent to show you,
Things you need to know,
A reminder that God's love is true.

Oh, Momma,
Tonight I pray that I sleep better
But I will not worry because if I don't
We will just spend the night together!

Angela and Debbie Gaddis

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