Tuesday, January 19, 2016


Am I your crown
what would you say
If the Father
were to ask you today?

I can see Our Father
so full of pride
anxiously waiting
for you to decide.

What would you think
when you opened your eyes
would your heart fill with wonder
at such a beautiful surprise?

He caused you to sleep
and opened you side
making out of your rib
a glorious Bride.

I remember that day
You could do nothing but stare
You memorized my face,
my body, my hair.

Your imagination ran wild
with what lay ahead.
I will never forget the words
that you said.

"This is bone of my bones
and flesh of my flesh."
If Our Father asked again
would you proclaim that afresh?

We were happy at first
I was the joy of your heart
No other two people
would have such a start.

But the Serpent came in
and made us forget
The Love of our Father
now we live with regret.

I've sinned against you
and you've sinned against me
It's because of us
the Son hung on that tree.

He has overcome
all the destruction we've done.
He has the power
to again make us ONE.

Will you take my hand
and lead us to Jesus.
His mercy and grace
will be what frees us.

I'm waiting right here
for you to decide
take me again
pull me close to your side.

Wash me with water,
cleanse your bride.
Help me become
the wife you pride.

Only the Father
can make us new,
but right now
it's all up to you.

You are my husband
You are my head.
I can't argue with God
that's just what He said.

Let's strip off the leaves
we used to cover
the sin in our hearts
that the Father discovered.

Let's run to the Father
let's live in His light
Let's do what He says
and He'll make it all right.

I love you my husband,
you are my man
and forever beside
is where I will stand.

How could His love be so good
His heart be so true
That His imagination
could think of me for you?

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