Monday, January 13, 2014

Save the Drama for your Momma...

Oh Jacob...  How I feel for you.  Even before you were born your life was full of DRAMA...  Fighting with your brother in the womb, making your momma think she was CRAZY.  YOU remind me of someone, but I won't name names.  

Jacob your life would make Jerry Springer blush...  If you had a reality show it would be top-rated.  I mean really lying, cheating and stealing, almost getting killed by your brother.  Everywhere you go you have trouble.  I bet you were so thankful every time God rescued you from the drama you got yourself into.  Really, how did you think it was gonna turn out when you married sisters?  OH and way to go you really did a super job of training those boys up in the way they should go.  SUPER DAD... will NOT be your legacy.  I'm sorry Jacob, but your life was one HOT MESS and I for one am so THANKFUL.  It gives me HOPE.   God can redeem even our messes for himself.

DRAMA!!!  I hate it.  I cause it.  I run from it.  The only way to get away form DRAMA is to move to some remote island and be all alone, but pretty soon that would get old.  Drama is a part of the human experience I suppose.  Reading Jacob's story really is a breath of fresh air, because no matter how hard I try to have a drama-free life it has been unattainable.  Sometimes it seems that drama hunts me down looking for a prisoner of war.  You ever feel that way? 

Look at Jacob's life for example.  First, he runs away from home and the brother who wants to kill him.  When he gets where he's going he decides it's a good idea to marry sisters, and that is constant friction.  Then he decides to head back home because he's got problems with the in-laws.  Because of God's intervention on his behalf he narrowly escapes big trouble with his Father-n-law.   He has to be CONSTANTLY reminded who God is and who God wants him to be.  God intervenes on His behalf again as He travels to meet his brother (who's heart change is nothing less than a miracle.)   The story just goes on and on...  There is so much here to explore, but I think you get the picture.  Wasn't it Job who said "man's life is few days and full of trouble."  You can't escape it sometimes.  Once again I see an imperfect (even dysfunctional) family being used by a gracious and loving God.  I see a God who is DETERMINED to bring forth HIS WILL, His plan, and His purpose.   I mean really this clan had some issues...  but BLESS GOD He used them anyway. 

Jacob's messy life is so inspiring to me.   YAHWEH is salvation.  It's not who we are, it's not what we do, it's not what we have to offer...  It's who HE is, what HE does, and what HE has to offer.   God was determined to bring forth HIS SON in the fullness of time to REDEEM a messy people for HIMSELF.   Thankfully nothing and no one, no amount of drama can keep God from doing what He has determined to do.  He is the one who seeks us.   Nothing is too hard for him.  No situation without Hope because of Him.  HE will make beauty from ashes.  He will redeem the years the locusts have eaten away.  He will change hearts and work ALL things to the good of those who love Him and who are called according to HIS PURPOSE.  He takes the tax collectors, the sinners, the stinky old fishermen and uses them.  He can take our mess and make it amazing. 

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