Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Baby Baggage...

Just some random, jumbled up thoughts:

We have been super busy the last few days and I'm tired, but there is so much on my to-do list.  I'm sure you can relate.  This morning as I was sitting, drinking my coffee and going over all the things that need to be done and holding my little guy I could feel that none of those was going to get done.  My need to hold and his need to be held was just too strong.  That's when it hit me...  JUST MAYBE babies were MEANT to slow us down.

I know I used to fight it.  Press on...  Keep going.  Somewhere along the way though I just stopped.  At my house babies slow me down to a crawl.  I'm out of the races.  I can't do what I wanna do, what I think I should do and a lot of times not even what I need to do.  Some days are just a total wash...   Nothing productive accomplished except holding a baby.

I know I'm tired, I know my kids are tired, but it's baby that determines when it's time to just stop.  Babies are NOT in a hurry, they don'thave to-do list and they don't care about yours.  They just want to be taken care of, loved, held, fed, and all of that takes time.  And we do all this because if we don't we have a fussy baby, who will stop you in your tracks. 

The truth is big kids need all that too, but they can't get our attention like the baby can.  Last night we had something, and the boys stayed home with the grandparents.  When I walked in the door my 3 yr old talked my ear off until bedtime.  He missed me.  He needed me.  Not just because we were gone last night, but because we have been so busy.  He needed me to slow down. 

This morning when I was sitting drinking my coffee, holding the sleeping baby and thinking all these thoughts I decided today would be the day to just rest, relax, read books, talk or whatever.  We had a late, leisurely breakfast and afterwards I took the baby to have a bath...  as if he was reinforcing all my thoughts I sat and watched as he just splashed and played enjoying his bath, in no hurry to get out. 

In conversations that I have with all my mommy friends they say the same thing...  the worst part of any day is getting ready to go somewhere.  You know when you're yelling hurry, hurry we have to go.   Go get your shoes.  Go put on your coat.  Hurry we have to go we are going to be late.  But, children are notorious for NOT BEING IN A HURRY!!!  Take my 3yr old for example, he always wants to dress himself and I could do it a whole lot faster, but he wants to do and he takes a really long time.  

What about sickness.  At our house we come to a sudden stop when someone is sick.  The sicky wants mom to sit right beside them on the couch and take care of them.  Then the next sicky wants his turn.  On and on until we are all better. 

As I type this out I have all 5 children in the room beside me.  My oldest son is pressed so hard against my arm I can barely move, letting me know in his way that he needs mommy!!!  So, I'm gonna get off of here with unfinished thoughts, BUT knowing that maybe BABY baggage is meant to slow us down so we can truly see what's important!!!

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