Monday, March 4, 2013

The Daily Load...

Today is MONDAY!!!  YAY.  I love Mondays, I know this is strange, but I do.  Monday is laundry day.  We studied American history last year and one of the things we learned was Monday was traditionally considered laundry day.  Having a full house means that everyday you have to do a load or two, but Monday is the day I play catch-up from the weekend...   Taking a few days off with a family of six constantly changing clothes, and using towels, and sheets that need to be washed means that Monday is the day to do the major laundry load. 
Today I was thinking about LAUNDRY and MONDAY, two things that get alot of negative attention and I thought how odd that I enjoy both of these things.  It means getting back to routine for us.  It means normal and ordinary and I love those two things.  It also reminds me that I have been blessed by lots of little feet that need clean socks, and lots of pairs of legs that need clean pants, lots of little bellies that need clean shirts.  I have been blessed to be at home with them and I have a day that I can clean, catch-up, and do laundry.   

As I was sweeping the floors and thinking to myself "HOW DOES THIS HAPPEN?" I started to remember the things that have been said to me about having another baby...  Yes, this little one will cause more work, but according to God work is a good thing.  No, I won't have a lot of extra time on my hands, but I've always heard "idle time is the devil's play-ground". 

The most recent comment that was made in complete unbelief is "are ya'll gonna keep having babies?" made me think people just really don't understand.  You wouldn't believe the comments that are made to couples who have decided to have a full house.  My friend told me about a time she went out with her then 5 and 1 on the way and counted 54 comments that were made to her about her children... 

1. Are they ALL yours?
2. Is this a daycare?
3. Don't you know what causes that?

This is by no means an exhaustive list of remarks made, but you get the drift.  While walking to a park with another friend having a combined total of 8 children at various ages, two men walked by us counting and staring so hard trying to figure us out, they said "WOW, ya'll have a lot of 'em."  Brilliant observation, but they are called children, and yes we have been blessed.  

What in the world would possess someone to choose this life of more laundry, more house-work, more fingerprints, more, more, more WORK...  Well, first there is God whom is the giver of life who says "Be fruitful and multiply" and "Children are a blessing from the Lord", and He is the opener and closer of the womb.   Yes we do believe we are doing this for HIM and with HIM.  There's a faith and a trust in that. 

After the Yes Lord, we will... there's the more laughter, more hugs, more kisses, more love.  There's the things that children teach mom and dad that they can't learn from simply reading the bible.  There is the knowing that life is short and this won't last forever so hold on and enjoy the ride.  There's the love of babies, toddler's, big kids that are all so different and fascinating.  There are so many things that you will never know unless you're living this life...  There is the day that you realize that the BIBLE is TRUE and this is the most amazing journey you could ever go on.  I wish I could express in words all that is in my heart today, but the one thing that I can say is as I was doing all this WORK that comes with ALL THESE CHILDREN this verse came to my mind...

"Blessed be the Lord, who DAILY LOADS  us with BENEFITS, even the God of our salvation." Psalm 69:19 

Through the gift of children I have learned so very much.  I could go on and on if I had the "extra time" to try to convince the nay-sayers, but I don't.  WHAT I KNOW is that CHILDREN ARE A BLESSING AND THE FRUIT OF THE WOMB ARE HIS REWARD.  They are not a hassle or burden.  

AS they daily load me with stuff to do I think about all the benefits they have brought to my life and I say with David "My cup runs over."   

Side note:  I read an article that said that the reason woman are fatter these days is because they do less housework...  I include this just to be funny...  Another benefit of the extra work is I don't have a whole lot of time to sit on my butt and eat bon bons...  Thank you little children for giving me work to do!!! 

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