Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The fruit of your labor...

In the past 4 years since we have passed the standard 2 child family we have heard a lot of different things about deciding to have more children.  One of the most common statements I hear from woman is "I could never do that." or "I don't have enough patience for more children."  Understandably most the time this comes from a woman that has 2 very small children and she is overwhelmed.   I have also heard from woman who have a genuine desire for more children, but they are terrified and just don't know if they could handle it.   The one thing that I always say is most of the time children are going to come one at a time AND they get older and more mature...  You will not have 4 two year olds at one time.   Our oldest is about to be 8...  in other cultures that is a grown woman (tongue in cheek), but for real 8 years olds are very helpful.   Honestly I wouldn't want to go back to having 2 littles with no bigs to help out. 

This morning is a perfect example of the amazing gift my older children are and the help that they provide to bear some of Mom's burden.  Jordan got up with her little brothers this morning and put on a show for them, fed them and even cleaned up after breakfast.  What was I doing???  Don't judge, but I was still laying in the bed.   Last night she set out clothes for Caleb to wear for today and she got his PJ's for me after bath time.    She is always coming to me in the kitchen asking if she can help with cooking, and she is actually very good.  She has been watching intently for 7+ years everything I do and now she goes and does what needs to be done.  While she is taking care of one thing I can take care of something else.  She even cares for Andrew when I'm not here because he doesn't like to stay with anyone else.  She feeds him and rocks him to sleep.  We call her "little momma".    But all of that is because she's a girl right?!

Wrong.  Isaiah who is 6 years old helps Dad in the yard (real help).  He helped me when I was filling in the soil for the garden boxes.  This morning he made is own scrambled eggs for a breakfast burrito...  without me having to do a thing.  He changes diapers and helps with bath time.  He sits with Andrew and reads to him or plays games that babies like to play.   He has a very Fatherly way about him.  He also has been watching intently through the years and now he is putting all that knowledge in to practice.

Is this to say it's not hard?  NO!  And lest your think I'm tooting my own horn I really believe that every child watches their parents and yearns to show responsibility.  I believe that chores build self-esteem and that every child benefits from learning how to serve others.   The amazing thing is that alot of the stuff they do is because they see that it needs to be done, so they do it.   

I always like to say that if I can do this... anybody can.   I love that God takes the "foolish things of the world to confound the wise".  I love that God chooses the weak things of the world to display his strength.  I was least likely to succeed.  I did not grow up in a big family and no one taught me how to be a Mother.   I know where I come from and I know that the only boast I can make is in Jesus...   Any knowledge, patience, or ability is something He has given along the way.  The thing is just trusting that where God guides He will provide.  Don't be afraid of the future...  He is already there.  He  knows the beginning from the end.  You may not be able to handle more children right now,  but you don't have them yet.  He gives patience, grace and wisdom when you NEED it.  Ask and you shall receive, seek and you shall find, knock and it will be opened to you.  

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