Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Girlfriend let me tell you something...

Lately I've been thinking about my "girl friends".  So, I had to bring my thoughts to the computer!!! 

First of all, growing up I didn't have good relationships with girls...  I don't know if that is just natural or if it was me.  I had a bestie in middle school and I was happy, she was all I needed.   I went to a new school in high school and again I had one really close female friendship.  I was just one of those girls that HATED drama and liked hang'n with the boys more!!!  I knew that something was missing though.  I wanted to connect with other girls and just be me...  I wondered if that would ever really be possible... 

I mean if you watch any TV besides HGTV and Food network, you know we have an issue these days of females being VICIOUS!!!  Hateful, conniving, man-stealing, self-worshipping FEMALES!!!   Turn on the TV for 5 minutes and you will see that the more nurturing sex is not so nurturing these days!!!  I could REALLY go off on a tangit now, but I'll try to stay on track with what I'm saying!!!  Have a 2 minute conversation with you neighbor and you might find out what every female on your block does wrong?!  Talk to someone at church and you might hear about how she can't connect with any of the ladies at church.  LADIES it should not be so. 

I am thankful that all that may be true, BUT because of Jesus and his example we women can have wonderful, loving, supportive relationships with other woman.  There are woman out there who will love you, listen to you, pray with you, cry with you, and laugh with you.   I KNOW this to be true because God has blessed me with some of the most wonderful friendships a girl could have.  Some I see all the time and some I don't, but I KNOW if I needed anything any of them would be right there.  I KNOW they are thinking of me and lifting me up in prayer.  Some of my GF's are so busy they can't EVER pick up the phone... if they no telling what those little ones would get into...  but just knowing they are there and the kind of friends they are gives me comfort... 

So, IF you are my GF let me tell you something...  I love you.  I want you to know that you are a HUGE blessing to me and you bring comfort to my soul.  I thank God for you!!!  IT IS AN HONOR to be considered your friend!!!  Thank you all for letting me be me and loving me with all your heart!!!  YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST!!!


  1. I know life gets in the way and we never get to see each other but I want you to know I love you! You are awesome, you are wonderful, and I am blessed to know you!!

    1. Peggy I love you too girl... and I think about you all the time!!!


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