Saturday, February 4, 2012

A gift from God...

"Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and comes down from the Father of lights." James 1:17

The last two weeks have been out of the ordinary.  If you don't know I have 4 children, 2 that are home-schooled and 2 toddlers.  I also have 2 dogs that we got for Christmas (I don't know what I was thinking).   We also have a busy house most of the time with people in and out.  This is all a big job on a regular basis, but recently my mom has been in the hospital, and I want to be with her as much as I can.  That's hard to do with all this going on at our house.  I don't want to neglect my family and my home.  This is where my gift from above comes in... 

God has given me an EXTRA-ordinary friend.  She is the kind of friend that everyone needs.  She is the kind of friend that would do ANYTHING for you.  If fact other people tell her all the time I can't believe all you do for Angela.  The thing is though a friend is more than laughter and good times.  There are a lot of people who want to be around for the good times and the fun, but are no where to be found when you need someone.  There are a lot of people who want to be there to comfort you when you're down, but don't want to put themselves out to help you do anything.  I'm not talking about the friends who wish they could do something for me.  I know there are people who will read this and think I'm talking about them, but I'm not.  I know who would be here IF they could. 

The prodigal son had the kind of friends who were around for the party.  The kind that when you have lots of money and fun they hang around, but when the hard times come they are not around.  He had the kind of friends that were no where to be found when he needed them.  Those kind of friends are good for laughs and entertainment, but nothing else. 

God has been so kind to me.  He said "Trust me".  Lean not on my own understanding and He will direct my paths.  So, when I come to a crisis moment and I think what am I going to do?!  All I have to do is call my friend.

"Your own friend, and your father's friend, do not forsake; neither go into your brother's house in the day of calamity: for better is a neighbor (friend) that is near than a brother far off."  Proverbs 27:10

Friends are PRICELESS.  Friends are VALUABLE.  Friends are comforters.  Friends are helpers.  The Bible says that "a friend loves at all times".   I could write a whole other post on what LOVE is.   What LOVE is not is an emotion.  LOVE is ACTION!!!  So, whatever ACTION a person needs a friend does because they LOVE.  If they need a hug, a good cry, a laugh wonderful.... but if they need babysitting and dishwashing...  IF they need dog walking or dinner made even better...  A good friend sees a need and doesn't even have to be asked...  they JUST DO IT!!!  I may not be this kind of friend, but I am learning from one of the best what it takes to be a good friend...

FAITH MARIE... You are a GIFT from ABOVE.  I want to THANK YOU for everything you have ever done for me.  Your kindness and humility are a breath of fresh air.  In a world where everyone puts themselves FIRST, you stand out as an example of true friendship.   I thank God for you all the time.  I know being my friend has been more like a job, but I love you and I appreciate knowing that I can call on you...  I'm also thankful for your unconditional love and sweet spirit.  I LOVE YOU!!!

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