Friday, February 24, 2012

For our Health's sake...

Health is a big deal...  When you don't feed your body right it doesn't work right...  I should know I haven't fed my right in a long time.   When I was pregnant with my firstborn I came across a book called "What the Bible Says About Healthy Living".  It was full of wonderful information that I had never heard before.  I couldn't put it down.  Reading this book made me realize for maybe the first time how fearfully and wonderfully we are made.  I saw that the Old Testament laws were designed to bring God's people amazing health. 

Growing up I NEVER heard anything about good food for good health.  I heard eat your veggies, but never knew why.  So, who cares if you eat your veggies.  We ate out alot...enough said.  Anyhoo, read the book and decided to listen and obey.  Not that I was a perfect picture of health.  I have ALWAYS hated any form of excercise, except walking, and I don't do that enough.  But, I did become more concious of what I was feeding myself and the new life inside me. 

All that went out the door when I found myself pregnant for the 3rd time in 5 years.  I was TIRED.  I didn't care what I ate.  Snickers and Diet Coke became my best friends.  I ate terribly and so did my children.  We started eating out more and when I did cook it was cheap and easy.  Breakfast was cold cereal 4 times a week.  Lunch at a fastfood place 2 days and junk the rest.  My babies have always loved fruit and I try to have plenty around, but goldfish is a quicker, easier snack.  The most frequent veggie they have seen in their lives is canned corn and green beans.  Ooooh Healthy!

Like I said in previous post my mom's recent battle with cancer has motivated me to seek better health for my family again.  We have also have a 3yr old that is VERY high energy.  I know his diet has to be a major factor in that.   So, we're making some changes around here.  This is my list of 5 things I have committed to do to improve  my families health:

1.  Drink more water...   My favorite thing to drink and the only beverage I truly enjoy is Diet Coke, can we say NOT HEALTHY!!!  Between DC and sweet (I mean SWEET) Tea, there's not much room for water.  Likewise my children drink from my ST glass all day and when they have a glass of their own it's got some form of sugary drink in it.  SO, for health's sake we're switching it up.   We have a new rule now...  MOSTLY WATER!

2.  More Protein...  High energy does not need lots of sugar.  DUH.  But, that is what our snacks have been before.  Thankfully my 3yr old LOVES almonds and string cheese.  So, that's the new snack of choice.   I've already seen a huge improvement.   I changed our normally sugar filled yogurt to plain yogurt with added fruit.  IF you have any suggestions on the protein let me know...

3.  More Fiber...  We're adding more fruits and veggies and  I got some flax seed to grind up and I'm putting that in our smoothies.  You know what fiber does...  Everybody could use a clean out.

4.  Juicing...  I have had a juicer for a long time, but after a week or so I got tired of all the WORK it takes to get it out, use it, take it apart, clean it, and put it away again.  BUT, I have now decided it's worth it for our health's sake.   The ONLY way I can get my littles to eat the green stuff they don't dig is JUICE IT.  They love watching me juice the veggies and since it's a fun experience they like to drink the juice up.    I'm freezing the pulp and putting it in spegetti and meat loaf and whatever else I can think of. 

5.  Vitamins...  I've always been a big fan of Vities as my littles call them, but I've NEVER been good at taking them on a regular basis.  Vitamins always make a big difference in how I feel and my energy level, so I have to be more diligent to take my vities... 

These are just a few things that I can do to improve our health, but you have to start somewhere.  I find for myself it's better to add a new habit to one you have already established.  So, this is where I'm starting, but if my body is the temple of the Holy Spirit it's time to stop abusing it.  If I am in charge of the health and welfare of my family I better start doing a better job.  Laziness is no longer an excuse.  If I take better care of me then I will FEEL better...  God has given us an astonishing miracle in these bodies that He made.  Bodies able to detox and fight off all manner of illnesses and disease, but we have to give our bodies what they need.  I'm starting today!!!  

What about you?  Do you have any suggestions or anything that you are doing FOR YOUR HEALTH'S SAKE??? 


  1. Okay, are we on the same brainwave length or what?! haha

    Brock loves our juicer. Another thing we like are green smoothies, or green shake as he calls them. OJ, banana, plain yogurt, ice and a handful of spinach. You can't even taste the spinach, as long as you don't put too much in.

    1. oh man that's a great idea. Thank you. I will use it.. I always knew we were kindred spirits... haha.

  2. Have you ever tried quinoa? (pronounced keen-wah) It's a grain - a good source of fiber, protien, and iron. You can find yummy recipes for it, but I also like to substitute it for rice in some of my dishes.
    Here's to good health! :o)


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