Saturday, December 31, 2011

Our New Editions...

"All I want for Christmas is a dog." says my 6 year old son. He has been begging for a dog for 2 years. How can a parent deprive a child of such a request??? So, we took the plunge... not once, but twice.

We came home with two puppies. WHAT WAS I THINKING!!! All jokes aside they are adorable and smart, but they are a lot of work. Up late at night and constantly watching to make sure they aren't going to the bathroom in the house. Since I have always shared my bed with my babies and nursed I didn't really have a problem with being up or loosing sleep with newborns... These two have their days and nights mixed up sleeping all day when the kids want to play and staying up all night when mom and dad want to sleep.

I've never been a dog person... I would laugh at people who made their dogs their children, but I gotta say these two are growing on me... turning me into a mushy dog lover.

My neighbor asked me yesterday what kind of drugs I was on to have 4 children and 2 puppies... Testimony to how much work these little creatures are... Well, I'm not on any drugs, but that might change...

Anyway, my sweet boy got his request and seeing the boy with his dog is one of the sweetest things I have ever witnessed so all the hardship is worth the delight I see in my boy.

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