Monday, April 11, 2011

T. G. I. Monday!!!

I know I know what am I thinking??? It's hard to believe, but I LOVE Mondays. They refresh my soul. I have never been an organized person or someone who keeps to a schedule, but recently I have been doing some soul searching. God has brought to my attention through a series of books, articles and of course the bible that IF I am to be a Keeper of the Home I NEED to spend more time at home. I have in the recent past been going and doing more than I should. I think as home-school mommies we can get sucked into thinking that we have to have our kids involved in "stuff" or they won't be normal. We "must" make them social creatures... blah, blah, blah. You know what I mean. The problem being that I couldn't ever get ANYTHING done. I have 4 children and my oldest is the only girl so in the best interest of her I have been trying so hard to get her involved with other girls since she doesn't have a sister... The Lord recently brought to my attention that this is "Worry" the opposite of contentment. WHICH I am rubbing of on her. Would our children be content and thankful IF we were not constantly trying to fill in what we perceive to be the empty spaces of our lives?! So, I have begun to pray for the Lord to help me LOVE being AT HOME... And to put first things first. Help me learn to be the keeper of my home and all that goes along with that. I am first and foremost (striving to be a Godly woman), a wife, then mother, then school-teacher, house manager, bill-payer, etc. Surely God would not have given me this cup IF with the help of the Holy Spirit I could not handle it. "I can do ALL (these) things, through Christ who gives me strength." Well, immediately God began to show me how I needed to rearrange my (non-existent) schedule and put my priorities in order of greatest to least. "Seek ye first the Kingdom, then all (these) things will be added unto you." First thing is To-do list and stick to it... Who woulda thunk that this is all it would take?! All the sudden I have time to fit it all in and my kids are schooled, my dishes clean, laundry (some-what) done, and then at the end of the day my daughter gets to go outside and play with her two girlfriends that live RIGHT NEXT DOOR!!! However, all of this does not explain WHY I LOVE MONDAYS... Since I have been praying for all of those things my heart has begun to LOVE being at home and keeping my home. THEN the weekend happens and there is no schedule and we're running here and there. And Sunday is a day of church and rest so by Sunday night my house looks like a tornado came through and the dishes and laundry are pile up again. Sunday does give me a chance to refresh my soul, but when Monday rolls around I'm glad to get back to Keeping my Home... I'm thankful for this my domain and I pray that God will continually draw my heart back to it. There are so many things that can draw us away. There are so many that would tell us there is MORE OUT THERE. There are so many that would try to convince us that we are UN-FULFILLED... We have to be on constant watch against the schemes of the enemy and keep our priorities in order. We must guard our hearts against being draw away by our own lusts. God has a purpose and a specific plan for us as wives and mothers. I pray I will conform not to the ideas and values of this world no matter how hard it is or how tempting or how others view me. I have to see my life from a heavenly perspective.