Thursday, October 28, 2010

Do you ever...

Have those days when you forget to remember how blessed you are? There are a lot of places in the scriptures where God tells someone to write down the things that He has done so they could go back and see how He had worked in their behalf. WHY? Because He knows how forgetful we are. He has been showing me this lately usually through my daughter.

Everyday I try to let my children have some kind of treat or special thing. Sometimes even two treats... For some reason my daughter is the one who is always coming to ask me for something else. Maybe because she of all my children is the most like me. I have to remind her of the other things she has had that day and explain that's why she can't have what she wants at that point. I try to explain why too many treats is not a good idea, but alas she is a child and she really doesn't get it. Do you ever do that with the Lord. Do you ever have a prayer request that is the MOST important thing in your world and then He answers and you forget? The gratitude over that answered prayer so short lived that you come back moments later with what is the next "NEED" in your life. I'm sure if you're a mom you know how much you want to make your kids happy, but sometimes you just wish they didn't want so much or would just be content for a little bit?! Sometimes I have to tell her "Don't ask me for anything else today"... It's when I have said those words that I am reminded of how much I ask my heavenly Father. I'm not talking about serious stuff like friends/family salvation or sickness... I'm talking about my wants that really mean nothing.

When I stop and think about all that I have been given I'm shamed about how much I focus on me. I'm embarrassed that I spend so much time praying and whining about what I don't have when there are so many who really need an answered prayer. I'm glad that the Lord has been revealing this to me in this way because it really hit home. I'm spoiled and loved and overwhelmed with the goodness of the Lord. Every Good gift comes down from the Father... May I begin to remember all His good gifts instead of wasting time thinking of what I want next.

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