Friday, January 30, 2009

The Big Sin...

I took my 7mo. old to the Dr. today because He is sick... That goes without saying right?! Not anymore. Maybe I'm the only one, but I usually only take my kids to the DR. when they are sick. We have good insurance so that's not why. I'm just old-fashioned I guess.

Anyway, I'm sitting there with the Dr. telling her my sons symptoms when she looks up from her chart and says "Do you realize I haven't seen him for a check-up?" To which I reply yes I do. She then looks down again and Oh No here it comes, She realizes I'm the "ONE" who doesn't give my kids shots. Wow, I'm in serious trouble now. So, for the hundredth time (seriously) since I became a mother 4 1/2 yrs ago I have to hear a Dr. tell me about immunizations. I left one Dr. already because she just wouldn't stop nagging me about it. I have made up my mind. You don't have to agree with me, but last I checked it is still my choice. I feel like someone is going to call CPS on me every time I go to the DR. This is getting CRAZY... And as for the checkups. I know how He is growing. He is my third I know what developments to look for. If there were a problem I would not hesitate to get him the best care possible, BUT if it ain't broke don't fix it!!!

What do poor people do, what do people do who have 10 kids? I know they can't be taking their kids to the Dr. every time they turn around. What about all of us who grew up never going to the Dr. unless you were dying or something was broken??? I know alot of people disagree with me, but they are MY children, MY choices, and I "thought" my freedom! When they pass a law which I'm sure they will because REALLY it's ALL about $$$ anyway, and I have no choice I will do what they tell me too. But, for now I'm not giving my kids shots for illnesses they don't have and may never have. I will put my hope, trust, and faith in JEHOVAH RAPHA because He is the ONE WHO HEALS.


  1. Thanks for your advice. Sometimes I do forget that I just need to wait on God and that He will work all things together for good (Romans 8:28). :) Loving my family is something I have also forgotten to do. It's not fair to them when I take out my worry out on them in anger. Thanks again.

    This post really struck me because at the very end you put "Jehovah Rapha". My college Bible study group was going through the attributes of God and I can't quite explain it, but there is just such an awesome feeling when you say one of God's names. My favorite one in these moments of stress is Jehovah Shalom, the Lord is my peace. He truly is :) May He also be your peace because even though I am not a mother, I know that it is a serious job to raise children up to love the Lord.

  2. Hi Iona,
    I know what you mean. It is always hard to love when you are stressed, but really that's the true test of FAITH. Paul said LOVE is the most important thing. I always like to concentrate on I Cor. 13. so I can remember what love is when I'm not actually feeling the emotions that go with love.

    I also love the names of God. They seem to take him from the small "god", I perceive him to be, To the GOD of the Creation. I love the Old Testment because you see His great Power. My favorite name for GOD is YAHWEH (I AM THAT I AM) because I know that He is everything that I need. Well, gotta go my little one needs me!!!

  3. What was it that convinced you to not do immunization shots? Is this a personal/religious/both choice?

  4. Well, a little of both, but the main reason is because you can never truly know what ingredients are in the shots. You can never fully know the effects they have on their growing bodies and brains. And I know this sounds stupid to some, but I really just do put my trust in the Lord. If He is big enough to speak the universe into existance He is big enough to protect my children from harm. I pray for His protection over them and I think that is enough.

  5. I agree with you, but then, I'm a cat and cats don't make their babies do any such things.

    Jerusalem Jones, C.A.T.


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