Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Good Advice.

Today on my FB feed I read this from Above Rubies and it really made me stop and think:

"It can be so easy to get caught up in the parental role, above every other role! After all, we are our children's advocates, and they are the most dependant people on us, often unable to do much on their own, especially when they are young. Is your husband feeling a tad neglected? Take some time today to make sure you are also being a loving wife, as well as an excellent mother. I know I need to! Love Michelle"

This statement made me take a minute to ponder is my husband "feeling" neglected? I can assure you my definition of neglected and his would be different. So, how is he feeling? I didn't ask him. But, so much of the time it's just me and the kids. Honey is working and doing church stuff so it's easy to get used to focusing on the kids and leaving him to himself. This statement reminded me that I am not just a mom, but a wife. A wife first and foremost. I cannot forget to nurture this relationship on a regular basis.

The wonderful thing that I learned a long time ago is that it doesn't take too much to make a man happy and in love with his wife. The honeymoon doesn't have to end after kids, it just takes effort. It's all about putting the other person first which is what we are supposed to be doing anyway. You cannot neglect someone you are putting above yourself.

I pray that I will remember what a precious gift my husband is and cherish every moment that we have together. I pray that I will treat him the way he deserves to be treated!!!

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  1. Angela!
    Thanks for popping by and keeping in touch. :) Well, I ended up working in a year long AmeriCorps program at a middle school in Oakland as a tutor/mentor. It ended in June and this summer I've been getting ready to go back to school. I start on the 23rd!

    How have you been?

    I like this post. Interestingly enough, my mom and I were talking yesterday and she told me how she has grown to appreciate and love my dad over the years. As a child, it really gave me this sense of warmth and security to know that my parents cared for each other. Your kids will probably feel the same way :) Definitely nurture that relationship!

    - Iona


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